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Moving on…

Dear visitors,

Again, I’ve been very quite on my own website.

But no news is good news, I had been working hard to complete my dissertation and now it is done!

As I am graduating from UNC soon, I will no longer be able to edit this project website. From now on, I will build my own project site to keep updating my study about Fillmore and public education in New Orleans.

Please visit my website: for future updates.

Thanks y’all!


St. Claude Ave

The Fillmore Boys School was located a few houses up from St. Claude Avenue. The avenue was on the border of Old and New Marigny. Sometime in the 20th century, St. Claude Ave was expanded, and merged with Rampart St.

I layered a modern New Orleans Square Map and the geo-coordinated Robinson Atlas from 1883. This visual shows houses that were torn down because of the road expansion. Fillmore families occupied at least three houses.


Looking for a fourth panelist for AHA 2017

I am currently trying to put a panel on public education and citizenship from global perspectives for the American Historical Association annual conference in 2017 (Denver, CO) with my cohorts, Laura Brade and Brittany Lehman…and we are looking for another panelist to join us!

There are multiple individual studies on race, ethnicity, and citizenship in public education. We try to bring those studies together, exploring the global contest over civil inclusion and exclusion using the classroom as an example.

I will examine the racially mixed public school controversy in the post-Civil War United States. Laura will explore the exclusion of Jewish children in the Czech Republic under the Nazi government. Lastly, Brittany will discuss West German education policies on migrants in the late 20th century.

While the panel’s focus is currently Europe and North America from the 19th to 20th centuries, we would like to expand our scope to other geographical areas and chronological periods. If interested in being a panelist of our panel, please send a short bio and abstract to Mishio Yamanaka ( by February 5, 2016. We look forward to hearing from you.